Diu was a part of Gujarat before the Portuguese conquered it. Traditionally carry on the life pattern and rhythm as that of Gujarat and Saurashtra Cultural Region. Diu is an extension of Kathiawad Cultural Zone which influences language, dress patterns, food habits, customs and practices and other cultural elements. The ethnic mosaic of Diu comprises of Hindus, viz Kharwa, Koli, Brahman, Bania, Vanza, Salat, Sanghadia, Bhoiraj, Dhobi, Vankar, Bhangi and the tribal namely Siddi, Muslim viz. Momin and Khoja and Christians. Most of the Hindu Communities consider themselves the descendants of Rajputs which referring to the ATAK (Surname) GOTRA (Clan) names. While the Kharwa, Koli, Vanza and Salat claim to be the original inhabitants of Diu, other perceives them as migrants from various places of Gujarat and Saurashtra. The staple diet is fish, rice and bajri.